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The Junior Miss Alberta pageant officially launched in 2020. It comes as an expansion to the Junior Miss Calgary pageant which has decades of history in Calgary.


In 2019 the Junior Miss Calgary pageant began handing out regional titles to extend pageant opportunities to more little girls in the province. It was met with such positivity we decided to expand further to a fully provincial pageant.

Canadian Beauties took over the production of the Calgary Pageants in 2019 and looks forward to carrying on the legacy created by Patti Falconer.

Calgary's Pageant system (Little Miss to Mrs.) was created by Patti Falconer over 50 years ago.

Patti believed the pageant experience was the best opportunity for females to develop their poise and confidence.  Through public speaking, special events and interviews she watched the pageant delegates develop grace and courage.  She began the pageants with Miss Teen Calgary and quickly added in the Miss Calgary.  Then the Little Miss and Junior Miss pageants for the younger group and Mrs Calgary for the elegant women over 28.  


Patti enjoyed success as an executive, woman of distinction, entrepreneur, single parent and model.  She successful lead Patti Falconer Model and Talent Agency for 50 years.  Her brightest and favourite moments were with her “Pageant Girls” .

Learn more about Patti and the legacy she left Calgary.

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