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All fees paid to Canadian Beauties are NOT REFUNDABLE and NOT TRANSFERABLE in full or in part under any circumstances. This includes, but is not limited to entrance fees, advertising fees, pageant admission tickets, and any other fees paid to Canadian Beauties by anyone including, but not limited to, contestants, sponsors and advertisers.


- E-transfer
- PAYPAL (Credit Cards)
- Offline Payments (Cheque)

  • Do you need experience to participate?
    No, experience is not neccessary. We are looking for young girls to let their personalities shine. Both novice and experienced pageant competitors will enjoy their experience.
  • Is Junior Miss Calgary a glitz pageant?
    No, we are not a glitz pageant. We are a naturally polished beauty pageant. We are looking for contestants who are well spoken, confident and looking to be an ambassador to their city or province. Contestants do not prepare chorography for this pageant. All contestants perform the same stage chorography taught to them in rehearsals before the show. Contestants are permitted to wear light makeup suitable for their age.
  • Do I need pageant coaching to compete?
    Pageant coaching is not necessary to compete. At a local level many people use the competition itself to learn more about pageantry and to naturally improve their skills. Many of our contestants will repeat & compete again. Some people benefit from pageant coaching. If you feel like your child is struggling to let their personalities shine, or feel like their stage skills are not improving on their own then pageant coaching may be for you. If you are interested in pageant coaching you can learn more by contacting us at
  • Do you have a non-compete clause?
    We have a limited non-compete clause. We ask that our titleholders discuss and get written permission before competing in another pageant. It is our goal to support you in moving onto the next level in pageantry. We will not give permission to compete in any local, provincial or national pageant that would interfere with a titleholder completing her reign. We will will not give permission to compete in a national pageant if she is required to take on another local or regional title to compete in that pageant. Should a titleholder be given permission to compete nationally or internationally if she wins a higher title she would have to pass along her crown to the 1st runner up.
  • Is there an entrance fee?
    We regret that we must charge an entrance fee. The pageant is self-supporting and relies solely upon entrance fees to cover production expenses.
  • May I seek sponsors?
    Yes, you may seek sponsors. Contestants will be given the opportunity to acknowledge and thank their sponsors during their introduction segment at the pageant. Sponsors are not required to compete.
  • Are parents allowed backstage/coaching side stage?
    No, we do not allow parents to help coach children from behind the judges panel. We are different from natural & glitz day pageants. We are looking for independence and confidence from our titleholders. We will have lots of volunteers backstage to help out the contestants. However we do ask that our Little Miss contestants have a parent, older sibling or guardian with them to help them backstage with outfit changes during the show. Once your child is ready & in line you can return to your seat to watch them perform. All contestants will perform the same chorography, which contestants will learn during rehearsal.
  • When are rehearsals?
    Rehearsals for the pageant will be held the morning of the pageant.
  • Are there any other dates other than pageant day?
    Yes. Interviews with the judges are hosted the day prior to the pageant.


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